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Coronavirus: Labor and Employment Law Insights

Jul 30, 2021

Vaping has become a major health crisis in America’s public schools. For several years now public schools have been grappling with the behavioral, economic, health, and social consequences of tobacco companies and their surrogates allegedly targeting young people with highly addictive and dangerous vaping products through deceptive and predatory advertising, attractive candy-like flavors, and discrete devices. Franczek partners Ares Dalianis and Mike Hernandez are leading an effort in Illinois to secure damages for school districts from the negative impact on school districts, parents, and students, working with the Frantz Law Group of California, and FLG attorney William Shinoff. FLG has been leading the litigation effort on behalf of hundreds of public school districts in over 30 states against Juul Labs and its affiliated entities to recover damages for costs incurred and to be incurred from this epidemic.